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Privacy Policy

Government Jobs in India is well known to the privacy and tries its best to respect the right of privacy for its visiting persons. At our center we never collect your personal data to sell or provide this to the spammer or never use for any kind of illegal activity.
But to make our work better we need to collect some of information like domain name, location of visitor, Internet IP Address to use them for our internet use. As we are using the third party advertisement to earn income we use Google Adsense and Inforlink inline ads. These advertisements are controlled by the respective owners and we have no control over them as this system is fully automatic and these advertisement providers may use some information of each visit to our blog.

Our advertisement providers are using Cookies to serve the relevant advertisement according to the content and the location including the behavior of the visitors.

For more details about Privacy policy please visit at this link http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html